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Richmond, KY

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John Paul Massey was the worst landlord ...
John Paul Massey was the worst landlord I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Period. Constantly rude and disrespectful over text. He never initiated texts about meetings or issues going on in the house, my roommate or I would always have to text him first and most of the time he would not respond for at least 24 hours. His responses were so crass and rude as well, they sounded like they were coming from a wasted college kid. Extremely ignorant about issues going on in the property, and just overall a horrible landlord. I lived in one of his properties for just over one year and I had to deal with so much ***** and rudeness from him constantly. When I was moving out he became even ruder to me and my roommates and even made one of my roommates cry due to him being rude/yelling in her face at a lunch meeting. 0/10 Would not recommend at all. Wife is a wonderful lady, But John was a horrible, ignorant, and very rude person.