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Philadelphia, PA

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John was on point since day one. When o...
John was on point since day one. When our stove went out randomly it was replaced within a day or two--same goes for the heat. Twice now a crew has come through the house looking for anything wrong and fixed it on the spot. Whenever he has needed to drop in we were made aware well in advance. He has always accommodated any needs we had within reason. He really comes off as a genuine individual who not only cares about the properties he owns but also the tenants there within. Most importantly, he's an honest man. He's never crossed me for so much as a dollar and any situation involving money has always been solved in a fair way and notification was given immediately. I truly feel lucky to have had such a good experience with my first Philadelphia land lord since I hear a ridiculous amount of horror stories. If I ever am back in the area I will certainly call John first to see if he has any properties in the area.