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Allentown, PA

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I will never again rent from Joe Clark. When I started renting the home Joe & Susan Clark (Lehigh Landholdings) were that landlords, that house was sold within a few months to another landlord. I do not know how this house passed any inspections. Recent inspection shows that house is a complete disaster. Joe Clark paid a few hundred dollars for a property that should have been torn down 5 years ago. All he did was patch a few things. Left a pile a junk in the yard and never removed it. Now the floor in the bathroom is collapsing, floor in upstairs hallway collapsing, electric heaters at risk of starting electrical fire. He has nothing but drug addicted workers that you don't want to let in when they come to fix something because your scared that may steal something when your not looking. And to fix a leaky roof all he had his workers do was pour tar over the roof, never repair the hole, just poured tar over it. Joe Clark takes advantages of people that are poor or have fallen on bad times and have no choice by to rent a cheaper place.
thanks for nothing
Joe and his wife are money hunger but they dont repair. My home is dangerous and has mold. I called health inspector 4 times and they never can. I guess he has them on payroll!