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We never received a penny of our deposit...
We never received a penny of our deposit back. I spent a week scrubbing the apartment from top to bottom and making sure it was in better condition than when we moved in. We were not given a walkthrough, and we never received our deposit or an explanation. We always paid our rent a month early, never missed a payment. Submitted professional notice on time with forwarding address. Two months later no check, so I called her. Claimed she mailed it the day we left but could not give me a check number, and said she would look into it. Called several times before she agreed to write me another check and send it. Two months later I still had no check, so I wrote her a letter asking one final time for the deposit. That was a month ago. I feel lied to, cheated and robbed. It is possible that the two checks were lost in the mail, but not likely. But this is not my only complaint.