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174 South St, Jersey City, NJ, 07307

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DO NOT AND I CANNOT EMPHASIZE DO NOT rent unit 2 on 174 south street JC nj. Joan is an absolute lunatic. She screamed at us for no reason, ringing the bell at 11am because the toilet was running and she refuses to fix anything in her home because she believes her tenants broke it rather than ware and tear on a home that is over 60 years old. The toilet doesn’t work if you want to do number 2, the oven is broken, she screamed at us for giving her rent on the 3rd when the grace period is until the fifth. I have about 10 video recordings of her yelling at us for no reason when I had friend over because “she doesn’t want strangers in her house” despite it being our apartment and there is no restrictions of having people over in the lease. She is 83 old and completely senile, has no idea how to be a landlord. We are both in our twenties I’m studying law and my boyfriend who lived with me is a mechanical engineer. When COVID-19 hit, she had absolutely no sympathy of the fact we lost our jobs. She is out of her mind. Screaming for no reason, she also went through our mail, rang out bell at all hours, to tell us the toilet was running (which stipulates in the lease that she has to fix). She is devious and sneaky and so broke. Being an 84 year old women she is also incredibly hostile. She called me a drug addict, tramp, and a slut. The price and size and how sweet she came off as when we first met is a fallacy. She is an absolute evil human being. Contact me at (732) 779-8947 if you want to hear more and see the videos. DO.NOT. RENT. FROM. HER.