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This man is horrible. Dishonest,unkind,u...
This man is horrible. Dishonest,unkind,unreliable. Do NOT rent from Harman rentals. He is the worst.
I wish I could do zero stars. We signed ...
I wish I could do zero stars. We signed for 168 E 700 N Provo UT. The apartment was filthy at the start of our contract, Jeff had it cleaned without prorating us for the time we couldn't live here. The microwave didn't work, it took us weeks and dozens if reminders to get that resolved. The refrigerator had missing parts and a broken handle, same thing as the microwave. Jeff doesn't respond, doesn't take responsibility for anything, and blames his busy life for his lack of professionalism. I wish there was a way to make it known to people who not to rent from.
I paid him the deposit and when I was tr...
I paid him the deposit and when I was trying to locate him to give me the key, he was nowhere to be found. He ignored my calls for 5 days. We (my 5 yr old and me) spent 3 nights in hotels and two in our car. Finally I called the authorities and he returned my call and gave me a key to the apartment. Horrible experience for me and my child. Things didn't changed, whenever something broke he ignored my calls. Plumbing was a constant problem and the deposit, he will not return it for sure.
Jeff is the worst landlord I have ever h...
Jeff is the worst landlord I have ever had. The toilet had issues and after two weeks of him doing nothing I finally had to fix it myself and he wouldn’t reimburse me. Then he had the gall to charge me extra cleaning fees when i moved out when it was WAAAAYYY cleaner than when I moved in. He nickels and dimes you for everything he can and nothing is his fault or the fault of his building when he can blame it on you. KEEP AWAY from Jeff Harman!
Jeff Harman is THE most dishonest landlo...
Jeff Harman is THE most dishonest landlord we have ever come in contact with. Targets young married adults and minority groups. Anytime we attempted to contact him was like pulling teeth. Nickles and dimes his tenants, and is slow to fix anything. Still has not returned our deposit. Do NOT touch the man nor his properties with a ten-foot pole.
Jeff Harman is one of the most dishonest...
Jeff Harman is one of the most dishonest landlords you could ever come into contact with. Nickled and dimed us for every single thing and wouldn’t give us our deposit back until I called him every week for FOUR MONTHS. Stay away at all costs. Absolute crook.
Filthy when we moved in so bad we almost...
Filthy when we moved in so bad we almost packed back up and moved out the same day.Landlord did not fix the things we said needed fixing. At move out we cleaned that apartment so well because the new tenants were moving in just a couple hours after we moved out and we didn't want them to move into filth like we did. We took pictures.. After moving out and 30 days passed we still did not have our deposit. Finally got it with deductions taken out for cleaning even though it was spotless.
Jeff Harman is easily the worst landlord...
Jeff Harman is easily the worst landlord I've ever had. Our toilet leaked profusely for weeks before he got around to fixing it and then charged us for the damages it caused to the apartment. There was a large pest infestation and he refused to do anything about it because he "couldn't see any bugs" when he came by. We often found evidence of him sneaking into our apartment without telling us. He was also very condescending whenever we told him there was a problem with anything. Everything in the apartment is in poor condition, and nothing has been improved since the 70s. He swindled us out of every penny he could through technicalities. All-in-all we lost about $4,000 in our business dealings with him. He would not answer our call or messages to give us back the security deposit until we threatened legal action, and every other tenant in the building had the same experience.