Janet Millard

Leavenworth, WA

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She talked about past tenants like they were all immature jerks, and it became apparent that that was how she treats everyone she rents to. She was super condescending, even emailing us after we left to say “sorry living somewhere with ADULT RULES didn’t appeal to you.” She had house rules posted everywhere and she would write new ones almost every day, from really obvious things like don't flush your trash down the toilet to totally arbitrary things that were just her need to be in control of everything all the time. She would constantly interrupt us in whatever we were doing to show us how to do things, even if we were in bed or had friends over. And it was also always something either really obvious or just an arbitrary rule, where we had to do something exactly the way that she did it just because. It was just really stressful and annoying to live with her, we could never just get home and relax because we were on our toes all the time.