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Janet Berskow

Minneapolis, MN

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Never fixed anything we asked unless it affected them. In November our front door knob stopped working when we told them about it they took it off said they would get us a knew one as soon as they could. A month later they told us they would not get us one because they couldn't afford it. We Lived those 6 months with a hole in our front door. My roommate had a broken window when we moved in they promised to fix and never did. Love water? Forget it here! if someone else is running water nothing would come out in our apartment we went hours without running water sometimes. The landlords lived in the unit below us and were constantly smoking cigarettes each of them smoking 2-3 packs a day. Our apartment constantly smelled of cigarettes. We had to constantly clean all the dust that shifted up from their dirty apartment which looked like an episode of hoarders. Every tenant has left for the same reasons that I'm aware of. deal we figured we'd deal with it but trust me it gets worse.