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SMH. Overall it’s been a mess here. ...
SMH. Overall it’s been a mess here.
Where do I start? lol This place has bee...
Where do I start? lol This place has been an absolute nightmare since I moved in. Units do look nice, I mean any loft style apartment with large windows & high ceilings LOOK great. BUT if you like paper thin walls (no exaggeration) where you can hear next door conversations/arguments & pets constantly barking, inconsiderate loud neighbors, to know where your upstairs neighbor is at all times especially if they’re in the kitchen which is directly above the loft area & presumably your bed, also listening to your neighbors through the bathroom vents and vice versa, dishonest and incompetent property manager(s) who do not uphold the buildings policies, your car broken into since they’ve pretty much misled every tenant about there being parking available (good luck finding parking after a certain time),& finally entrance doors/trash chute not working…then by all means, move here. For me though, it was not worth the money or stress.
umm idk ...
umm idk
Very nice and good place very up to date...
Very nice and good place very up to date and clean all the time nice in door gym
My home isGteat...
My home isGteat
Amazing ...
Building is beautiful and clean....
Building is beautiful and clean.
Mr. Frank is fantastic! His consistency ...
Mr. Frank is fantastic! His consistency is a big part on why I’m scoring the property 7/10. I enjoy the unit itself! The space! Appliances! View! All are great! Now the not so great is a different story. The dogs barking uncontrollably. Day. Night. On all floors, all corners of the building. Management has to hold pet owner accountable for the pets which does not obviously happen. Wall are paper thin, which of course wasn’t something that was shared during lease agent walk through. Garbage shoot doesn’t work! Main entrance door is broke 90% of the time which is absolutely a safety concern. I knew the area I was moving but had no idea each day the front door would be broken meaning that this added layer of security isn’t there. Security guy doesn’t work each night. So added with the door not working is a HUGE miss with this company as I am in law enforcement myself! $1,500 a month is cool but with all these opportunities I do think about if I want to renew the lease to be honest. Thanks
Frank and his security team are great fo...
Frank and his security team are great for the most part. Frank is extremely care,considerate,and helpful. The security with the bald head is always willing to help. The only issue I with the people manage the building on-site is having to go find them when I have a noise complaint. Dean is dishonest and unprofessional. He wasn't going to call me to cancel my 1st appot. I was there waiting on him and when I called he was over 1 hr away. The 2nd time was the same situation but I chose to wait. He wasn't forthright about the parking,noise,or cable situation when asked. The apartments sell themselves,he isn't needed in my opinion. The people off site are pleasantly and responsive enough,but I would like to be able to reach them over the phone. The gym: blah. J Centrel should invest in some type of tenant clubhouse for rent for gathers to cut back the noise. Trash rooms have been broken for almost 2 years- ridiculous. Some of my apt look like it was put together in a rush.
My overall experience with this place is...
My overall experience with this place is good. Walls are pretty thin (can hear music, arguments, etc.). Amenities are really good though. Management could be a bit more responsive and accessible. I had to reach out multiple times to renew my lease.