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We constantly had rodents. Landlord was unresponsive and clearly not on top of things, including the rental payment system. Rent reminders were not sent out, and the online ledger was constantly off, leading to payment issues. The landlord was notified of this multiple times, but took no action over several months. The heat went out during the dead of winter, and took a long time to repair. Part of the problem is the heater (not accessible from our place) was set to a lower temperature than it should have been. This was done by the landlord. The washer and dryer also broke due to the cold, and were not repaired in a timely manner. The microwave had similar issues, but was replaced correctly. The landlord would be absent for long period, and unresponsive during critical issues. However, when showing the place to people, we often received little or no notice. When we first moved in, the fridge wasn’t working, and was a constant issue throughout the rental period. We had bikes stolen, and multiple robberies in the area, many violent. The area is not as safe as it looks. Overall, you get what you pay for. Understand that you’re getting an old apartment in a bad area with poor management. Use caution when renting from this company.
Ultimately, the place is OK, but there is a lot that can be done to make it better.