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I lived in the Abigail Vare Lofts for one year and it was an awful experience. I had an ongoing issue with noise from neighbors that significantly impacted my work and comfort, which was never addressed by management, so I basically couldn’t use my living room for the last 8 months of my lease. I brought up a variety of other issues to management, such as the windows seal being very leaky, nails in the parking lot, trash overflowing, and doors being left unsecured despite the keyless entry system, all of which were completely ignored. By ignored, I mean the manager literally did not return my emails or phone calls. I was even charged for repairs that were not my fault, which was the only time management ever made an attempt to discuss anything with me. I strongly suggest staying away from this company, as they are completely unprofessional and untrustworthy.


DO NOT RENT FROM HOW PROPERTIES. I currently live in their apartment building at 311 W Main St, Lansdale, PA and it has been nothing but torture from the start. First and foremost, the walls are basically cardboard. I can hear EVERY single thing my neighbors do. I can literally hear them turning on light switches, flushing the toilet, opening closets, taking a shower, and I know all of their personal business because I can hear every word out of their mouths. Not to mention, Well Crafted Brewery is right next door, so all day every day from 11am-2am, the music is so loud and apparent that the apartment floors shake and it feels as though I'm in the bar myself. The only day of the week that Well Crafted isn't open is on Monday's, which funny enough was the only day HOW would allow me to tour the apartment so that I would have no knowledge of the noise level before signing the lease. A month into my lease, my water tank burst through the wall and flooded my entire apartment damaging all of the brand new furniture I had just purchased. There was no accessible shut off valve so I couldn't stop the flooding for a full hour before someone came to help me and was able to get into the basement to turn off all the water for the building. I was told I would have to move out for two days while they fixed everything. 2 weeks passed before I heard anything from them about the state of my apartment. HOW offered to put me in a hotel while they continued working on my apartment, but the kicker was I would still have to continue paying them rent. Their own negligence caused damage to all of my personal property and I was removed from my home for a MONTH AND A HALF and they still had the audacity to charge me rent in full. I finally agreed to moving into a hotel as I was tired of couch surfing for so long, but when I showed up to check-in the reservation set up by HOW had been cancelled. When I finally moved back into my apartment, there was substantial damage done by the workers, including nails and staples sticking out of the walls and baseboards, scrapes and dents in the walls, etc. I even found pairs of my underwear taken out of my closet and were soaking wet in my bathroom (like wtf??). My washing machine was broken and every time I put in a work order request HOW would cancel it. This went on for SIX MONTHS. I finally threatened to take them to court and they contacted me right away about fixing the washer. It still took them an additional 3 weeks to complete a simple job of fixing the washer door lock. Before Covid-19 restrictions went into place, I constantly had a barrage of people entering my apartment at all hours of the day. HOW would send an email with less than 24 hours notice that they were touring the building and you were not allowed to decline them entry. The doors have keypad entry so anyone on HOWs team or their maintenance crew members could access your apartment without asking. I think the longest time I went without someone else coming into my home without permission was two weeks. In conclusion, HOW only cares about you until you sign the lease, then they leave you out to dry. I would never ever ever under any circumstances recommend renting from HOW Properties. Hopefully this review will save a few people from making the same mistake I did.



It has been nothing less than a nightmare working with them. If you like privacy, this company is not for you. On numerous occasions, employees have entered our apartment without notice or a knock. This is incredibly uncomfortable, as you can imagine. Myself, and other neighbors, have had to install security cameras as a result. If you like a company that doesn't respond when you have an issue for over week, then you are in luck, they don't care about you once you are locked into a lease. AVOID unless you are comfortable with a lack of management.


The apartment in Ucity is beautiful and a great value for the price when 2 others live there with you (I lived in a 3 bedroom). My issue is the lack of care from the management team, ESPECIALLY when money was involved. I was charged last months rent even though that is due when you move in. The landlord doesn't respond. at all.


AVOID AT ALL COST. Thin walls and ceilings, and I mean REALLY THIN. Maintenance team that takes days to weeks to complete high priority requests (broken heater, shower, smoking detector, etc.). Main office that kicks you out when you visit in person and tells you to email instead. With how expensive it is, it is the worst apartment I've lived at.


The building itself is rapidly deteriorating, they don’t give it regular maintenance to the point that rain gutters got clogged and flooded 4 apartments on all 4 floors this summer. Countless times, the front gate will not latch, sometimes the fob reader would not be working, there was a time that even security got locked out of the building because the readers were down. I had my dryer break less than a year of it being brand new, my washer broke the next year and then broke again a week later after it got “fixed”. When I moved into my brand new apartment, the AC was broken for the first 3 weeks. Staircases had railings that were broken, moldings that were not properly glued down. The building was clearly rushed and built on the cheap, it showed on the first day I moved in and it was terribly noticeable the day I moved out. Everything was cheap, basically the IKEA of apartments. The walls were paper thin, so were floors, I could hear conversations as if they were in the same room as me. I had to change the battery of 2 fire alarms a year after I moved in, that battery that had been installed advertised a 5 year lifespan yet it had died just 1 year after the building opened!



Please read all reviews before renting. I would give the lowest rating I could for How Properties, but stress-eating Ming Kong Chinese and Zuzu's Pizza helped me through this torture. How's maintenance is extremely below standards, Mike & his team need to be better before someone gets seriously injured. I lived on the 4th floor of How's new 4 floor complex on 16th and Ridge and the elevator was decommissioned for majority of my year living there. I personally was stuck in the elevator numerous times. How had a 3rd party come to fix the elevator and when he was on the 4th floor, he stopped me on my way to work and actually told me to never get on this elevator again, that it has not been kept up-to-date with standard legal maintenance and it is a safety hazard for everyone who steps foot in it. Easy solution right, take the stairs. That would be easy if they would put working light bulbs in the staircase. These issues made me really worried about the rest of the complex's upkeep. This complex was brand new, I was the first to live in my unit, but after a year it is already run down and filthy. How's leasing associates are very nice when you are addressing your complaints or requests but that's where the respect ends. Do not expect to have your requests or complaints to be respected or resolved. The leasing associates repeatedly broke standard codes by having apartment viewings way under 24 hour notice and when I would respectfully ask for a notice, I would get a call asking "why I am making their job's difficult". This is Philadelphia, there are plenty of other Real Estate companies you can go through. I don't regret How because now I know about them and can have them join the Philly list of who not to rent from. How needs to re-brand themselves because I'm not sure they'll make it out of this bad reputation. I'm not sure How :)