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3207 Chesco Rd, Richmond, VA, 23234

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Do not rent from Michael Guilford aka Gu...
Do not rent from Michael Guilford aka Guilford Properties we rented a house from him on Chesco Rd Richmond VA and found out really quickly that he is Racist and completely insane and he hates women he would direct all his anger at me and he would really get mad because I would stand up for myself. My husband had to put him in his place on more than one occasion about how he spoke to me. A week after we moved in the Insanity started he came over to finish hooking up the dishwasher and he flipped his lid because I hung up family pictures he yelled at me saying that I could have made his walls fall down and he would evict us if the wall falls down my husband and I stood there in shock as he went on his rampage my husband after getting over the shock told him that he better not ever raise his voice at me again and if the walls fall down because I hung pictures then there is something really Wrong With This house. From that day forward he threatened to evict us he told us if we didn't cut the grass every week he would evict us he threatened to evict us because he said we paid the rent late 3 time's because we paid on the 2nd of the month we had until the 5th. He would come into the house when we weren't home without notice and then tell us about stuff that was in the house and kitchen I told him if he did it again I would call the police. I put up a camera and he stopped I had to call the police 3 times on him because he came over acting like a fool. My girlfriend and her husband rent's from him also that's how we found the house and he would tell them our personal business I told him it was against the law to tell our personal business to other people and if he did it again I would sue him they are too scared to make him do the repairs that need to be done at their house and he just pop's up anytime he wants. They don't even have smoke detectors in their house and the decks are falling apart and a lot of other repairs need to be done but they won't say a word because they are scared that he will put them out. told him about repairs that needed to be done one of them was front eye on the stove stopped working and he told me well you have 3 more He refused to do any maintenance so I had to make a complaint to the city to get him to do repairs. He is a no it all who doesn't know anything. This fool told me Robert E. Lee freed the slaves I told him he was a ***** and if he was going to try to tell a Black person about Black History to get his facts right!! Every day it was something. He is also planning on letting his son Robert Guilford take over being the property manager of his Properties after he is released from jail he is a convicted Child Molester he is on the ***** Registry. Just stay as far away from this man as you can he also has properties in Arizona.