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Wilmington, NC

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George Cutter was the worst landlord I'v...
George Cutter was the worst landlord I've ever had. He has a pattern of refusing to give back security deposits because he figures people won't try to fight him on them, and most of the time they probably don't. He blamed hurricane damage on us and attempted to have us pay him for it after failing to repair it for months on end. Had a severe roach infestation - spraying, chemical killers, etc. could not make a dent in it, assuming because the building had such severe internal/external damage and leaks. Had a fire scare and learned the building had zero working fire alarms when none went off. Heard from other residents who had mushrooms growing out of the walls/floors and ongoing issues with leaks. Reported him to code enforcement but they refused to record the leaks (they would not tell me why / said there was "no proof" when they looked, even though we had a bucket full of water) and he just painted over them. Figure next residents will have the same exact problems.