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North Wales, PA

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This landlord should not be trusted when he says that he will stop by and get cash, but make sure you get a receipt right on the spot and don't let him tell you that he will mail you one because he never will. We had lots of mold in the place we noticed when we were were moving stuff in. We notified the landlord about it and they just told us if we had cleaned better than the mold wouldn't be there. He never fixed anything that we found that needed fixed or if he did fix it when we moved out he added the charges to our security deposit. So instead of him paying for it we ended up paying. If you give George a check and it happens to bounce and he is given cash make sure you get the check back because he will cash it without you knowing and draining your bank account. I wouldn't trust him for anything else. He talks to people like they are little kids or that you don't know anything and makes you feel really small. Please let this be your worning