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The landlord "G," is an aggressive, prying, unreasonable, intimidating, *****. He would just walk into my apartment unannounced, go in while I was gone without notice, once he went in while I was at work (I left my door unlocked) and he locked it when he left, locking me out, then charged me for the service call. His whole identity is LANDLORD, he named his dog "property" if that gives you a hint. He took me to court and tried to charge me a dog on property fine because my friend brought his dog over one day. He doesn't give any notice, he just walks right in wo knocking. Once my girlfriend was there alone and got out of the shower and walked out in a towel to find G there, aggressively asking where I was and why was she here if I'm not, "are you living here?" All accusatory. He tried to sue me for damages bc I "trashed the place" he brought in pictures of empty ***** cans on the counter. The judge dismissed everything and the whole court and the judge laughed in his face when I mentioned his dogs name. A NIGHTMARE LANDLORD DONT RENT FROM HIM!!!!!

This landlord, Gee, is an absolutely ter...
This landlord, Gee, is an absolutely terrible person. Rent is $500, which is not bad. However, when he charges $400 PER SEMESTER for parking, directly outside of the home, as well as a sketchy, borderline illegal, private trash pick up for $250 each tenant. So not only is he ***** $6,000 from his tenants in rent, but also over $1,000 extra in parking and trash. As if paying an arm and a leg to live in a home with the most uneven flooring I've ever seen wasn't bad enough, he also likes to show up with NO warning, unlock the unstable, shaky front door himself, and walk in. As 2 teenage girls, this is absolutely not acceptable. It is uncomfortable living in a home where a creepy man can walk in at anytime, and theres no way to stop him from coming in at night either. The rules on the lease are absolutely ridiculous, such as if you pay rent past 4pm on the first of the month, you owe him an extra $50! Gee is also very rude if you contact him any time outside of his LOCK and KEY business hours, which should have nothing to do with his tenants as they're two separate things. But if he needs to contact you or come fix something, it can be at all hours of the day all weekend with absolutely no notice or warning. Gee is a SLUMLORD by definition and any smart person would not come within 5 miles of this man or ANY of his properties. -1000/5 stars. Evil, low, scumbag waste of a human being.
Always fixed any problem within 24 hours...
Always fixed any problem within 24 hours Just pay on time and he will do his job
He collected a "trash fee" of $225 from ...
He collected a "trash fee" of $225 from every tenant and claimed he was doing the trash himself. What a joke. Trashiest house on the block. He's trying to rent it now and only has two exterior pics up from years ago because no one would come see it otherwise. Leaking toilet for months and finally fixed it after a huge water bill. No heat for most of November. Locked out one guy when his rent was late. Never gave me assigned copy of the lease.
This guy sat in his truck in front of ou...
This guy sat in his truck in front of our house and or drove by several times a day and would then call the police on us for being to loud or having to many people in the house. He set up surveillance cameras on the adjacent buildings. He would enter our house with out warning early in the morning on weekends and wake us up. The city inspectors would come by and issue tickets adding up to thousands of dollars. Our house was broken into twice and everything was stolen. The second time he refused to fix the doors so the city inspector issued more tickets and we where evicted until the repairs were made. He refused to make the repairs and said it was our responsibility!!! We had to spend the last month of our school year with our stuff in storage, sleeping on friends couches. Go to his website and read the sample lease carefully. STAY AWAY! Oh and our house was infested with rats the entire year.