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San Francisco, CA

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This guy and the company he works for li...
This guy and the company he works for lives to be completely immoral and to take advantage of anyone who rents from him. Want to move out after living in your apt for over a year? You have to give him 90 days notice. Yes, read that again: 90 DAYS. The reason he does this is so he doesn't have to go through the trouble of finding the next tenant, so he basically holds you hostage to paying rent at your new place AND his place until you can find someone else to take your spot. I've never heard of anyone making you give 90 days notice other than him—it's SUPER unusual. But does he point it out when you sign the lease? Nope. He wants you to sign without reading. And yes, you're on month to month after a year, too. After you move out, he will then charge you $3,000 to repaint the walls with no itemized receipt, which is actually illegal. His buildings are extremely old with plumbing issues galore, so naturally you'll have issues there. BUT, you just signed a lease that says you're the one responsible for upkeep of the plumbing, which is intentionally BURIED in the lease's fine print. He also avoids his tenants intentionally. He's refused to take a rent check in person before, saying to mail it in knowing you'll be late. (which is another thing: you can only mail checks—no deposit box. Meaning, if it gets lost in the mail, the late fee is on you, which again is illegal). One time I was walking out of my apartment and he literally DOVE behind a fence because he didn't want to talk to me that bad, He's also 70, so this was pretty hilarious (but still totally weird). Anyways, screw this guy and his "trust" of dilapidated slums he rents to unwilling students and other unfortunate people. OH YEAH, he also lets these 2 dudes sleep in a shed next to 2 of his buildings that is totally NOT zoned for residency (again, illegal) and they just sit in there and dope ***** all day. There's no bathroom in there, so they feces and urine into the same 1 bucket, and when it's full, they dump it down the drain under the staircase leading up to your kitchen window. The smell is unbearable, as one could imagine.