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Completely unresponsive, acts in an unla...
Completely unresponsive, acts in an unlawful manner, intentionally damages your property on the rare instance when they do try to repair, Hires the cheapest who speak zero english and building employees routinely harass me and have threatened my physical safety. Ignores NY housing laws, Dept of Building codes, and just generally acts in a manner injurious to your health and safety. ALL they care about is you paying your illegally inflated rent. Most of you are probably paying an illegally high rent, so check it out with DHCR or HCR and access your rent history.
Haven't moved out yet but this has been ...
Haven't moved out yet but this has been so bad that I honestly couldn't wait. Roommate and I were pressured to sign a lease that said $300 more than we agreed to with our broker - were told it was the "official" rent but that we would be getting a deal and that the other number was just for their records - this will become important later. Because, well, halfway through the year Galil bought the building and started gut renovating the units on either side of us. Constant deafening construction noise, dust coming into the apartment, the front doors never locked (seriously, people who didn't live in the building would come in and just hang out in the stairwell). Once the construction crew knocked cracks in our wall while we were home - our elderly neighbor upstairs (who was housebound) had debris fall on her head - our other neighbors' wall collapsed because there was an attached bookshelf and nothing on the other side holding it up. My boyfriend and I have gotten coughs and skin irritation from the construction dust. They've turned off our water for 12 hours at a time with no notice. The stairwells and hallways have been regularly blocked and full of nails and construction debris. We lived most of the year with a falling ceiling from a water catastrophe upstairs - they only came in and pretended to fix it (they put on some plaster which has turned brown and full of water) so they could say they did something before raising our rent by 25%. I hate these people and I was overjoyed to see a stop work order on the front door (but of course, it's Saturday and they are ignoring it...) I sincerely hope someone notices and they're hit with criminal charges.