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I have never left a bad review before, b...
I have never left a bad review before, but I had a very unfortunate experience with Enigma. There was reoccurring theft in my apartment, I lost over $1000 in cash, and my roommate lost over $400. I filed a police report of course. I kept this cash in my underwear drawer, and we ALWAYS locked the front door. The break ins really creeped us out. We had mold growing on our bathroom wall from a pipe on the other side that kept bursting. Despite many matienence requests, this was never resolved, and the mold grew and grew. There were other matienance requests which were also never resolved, for instance, my bedroom door didn’t close, things broke consistently, we even lost a lot of food due to our fridge breaking and not being repaired for a long time. Our toilet also broke a few times. I can usually fix stuff like that, but no such luck. The communication of enigma/eastmore was also very much lacking. And unfortunately, they up charged us pretty significantly for trash removal, which was not something they charged for at the beginning of our lease. Upon moving out, we cleaned the apartment, but received only a small portion of our security deposit back for various charges, including blinds that were allegedly damaged. When I inquired what damage and which blinds they were referring to, they said some in the living room. My roommate and I were pretty sure all the blinds were perfectly fine… I wish we had taken pictures, because I’m pretty sure their upcharges for various fees were elevated beyond what they should have been. My roommate and I have both rented many other places in our lives, but enigma is by far the worst. We are incredibly disappointed with our experience with them, and would urge others not to rent from them.
We had previously received cable and int...
We had previously received cable and internet as part of our “building amenities”, but Enigma cut those immediately, claiming a carrier change. We were told it would be a “brief” outage as they “worked to find” a new company. However, after 13 months, countless calls, and several unanswered emails/voicemails, I received no answers and no cable or internet. When I asked to be reimbursed for the money I paid toward these previously included “amenities”, I was met with rude employees/comments.
‘DISCRIMINATION’Well they entered my apa...
‘DISCRIMINATION’Well they entered my apartment and multiple times I thought I was crazy when things were missing so i installed a security system and I have the company coming in taking pictures NO NOTICE and now they WONT answer the phone its a complete run around and I’m scared to be in my apartment I don’t know what to do so I reach out and this will come to light so nobody will ever experience I also asked for a reasonable accommodation for my disability and they did not provide that!
Lack of activeproperty management is the...
Lack of activeproperty management is the root cause of a lot of my dissatisfaction. The hallways are ***** - most recently there were chips scattered on the floor for 2 months! Another issue since Enigma took over was the lack of urgency when I had a maintenance emergency. WHILE WATER WAS RUNNING INTO MY UNIT, I was told to put in a maintenance request online. I called back and said I could not wait for a 3-5 business day response.
This new landlord isn’t a good landlord!...
This new landlord isn’t a good landlord! Never see him asked him for a copy of the new extension of the lease and they told me I had to mail them a note asking for my lease! They are to cheap to mail me the my lease in a envelope with a stamp!
Very unprofessional, Enigma never submit...
Very unprofessional, Enigma never submitted proof of ownership to the Milwaukee Rent Assistance office for the property where I reside after they agree to add the water bill to my rent, had me sign a new lease which, increased my rent from 750 to 772. My apartment was approved for rent assistance on October 21,2020. But ENIGMA PROPERTIES never sent in documents to prove ownership of the property. No storm windows in apartment. When I complained about no heat I was to get space heaters