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Continuous issues, broken things, mold, ...
Continuous issues, broken things, mold, neighbours with bed bugs
Please, for your own sake, do not live i...
Please, for your own sake, do not live in a building owned by Elcorno Martin. I got bed bugs...and was told by the exterminator that my unit had had bed bugs at least twice in the previous 12 months. I had no or inconsistent heat in the dead of winter, which Mr. Martin assured me repeatedly he would fix but did not. Only after filing a complaint with 311 did he restore the heat, by which time it was already spring. I took great care of the apartment and left it in excellent condition upon moving out. My lease stated that I was entitled to receive my security deposit with 30 days, and Mr. Martin returned it 56 days after I moved out, all the while dodging my calls and emails. Only after I threatened to complain to the city did he finally return the deposit. Finally, Mr. Martin was consistently rude and unprofessional. I showed him, his staff, and my neighbors nothing but patience, courtesy, and respect. Meanwhile, Mr. Martin repeatedly ignored my calls and, when he did answer, yelled at me (for no apparent reason) and hung up on me as well. I just wish he would've shown me the same dignity and respect I'd showed him, even amid the ongoing and serious issues I faced.