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Lexington, VA

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The list of problems when we moved in wa...
The list of problems when we moved in was extensive. Toilets wouldn't flush, he took 2 months to rectify that. Sinks barely trickled water, dishwasher didn't work (3 months to fix that), dog hair and filth everywhere, caked on grease all over the kitchen. Shattered windows held together by packing tape. Gutters were growing trees, the deck was so filthy and slippery that i fell down 11 stairs bruising my tailbone, he only fixed that after i threatened a lawsuit. Broken deck boards/ stair treads. Melted/ burned electrical outlets, lights that didn't work, the ceiling fans had remotes with deas batteries. Dead smoke alarms. Not a single bedroom or bathroom door had a door *****. Both bathrooms had holes in the walls where the TP rolls were supposed to be. Rusted out towel racks. The heavy glass shower door fell off about 50 times, many of those were when my kids were using the shower. Vegetation was extremely overgrown outside. We had mice and fleas in the house when we got here. David Stull refused to fix most of these things. He even told me that i was complaining too much.... this was when we still couldn't flush the toilet or use the shower mind you... the windows were so badly shattered that rain came in through them.