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Minneapolis, MN

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Dave Gross and his affiliates kept this property in disrepair. They have been through multiple rounds of issues, fines, and failed inspections by the city. They entered the house unannounced, frequently accused me of not paying rent, and would come to the house to dump loads of junk, furniture, and machinery in the basement/yard/garage. The garage was a literal hazard and could be seen collapsing. There was asbestos in the basement that only got cleaned up after years of complaints and fines built up from the city. There was mold in the house that never got addresses. Dave personally threatened my emotional and physical well-being on a regular basis. He spread vicious rumors about me to other tenants (claimed I was having an affair with his best friend...this dude was literally three times my age and a man in a position of power...) He was unstable and volatile. He literally has multiple charges of criminal activity against him, including assault and sexual misconduct. He didn't have a proper address, email, or voicemail. He never responded to calls to fix things around the house. It was super trashed when I moved in. He would come to the house in the middle of the night while we were asleep to "fix" something (often just to leave like 1000 pavers in the yard or a broken statue or something.) Our utilities were a scam, never paid them on time even though we gave him a flat rate for them each month (turns out that's illegal). At least once a month, something would be on the verge of shutting off (notices posted on our door for electric, gas, etc) and sometimes they were (water for two whole days, heat for three during the middle of a polar vortex, and when he didn't respond to our calls about it we called the city, and he blamed US for getting fined for it.) All culminated in me finally moving out, but not before he broke into my house, threatened me, and told me I was banned from being there. He was screaming at me to get out, and that's when I called the cops. He was still verbally harassing me and bracing up to me/my roommates when the cops arrived two hours later. he was taken from the property, and I found out a month later, when I didn't get my security deposit back, that he was suing me for 7k for "personal defamation, unpaid rent, and intentionally leaving the place a mess," as well as a series of other accounts. he was leaving voicemails and texts on my phone for weeks that were threatening, rude, and generally inappropriate. He doesn't even technically own the house...he lost his rights to it in a scam foreclosure where he got his son-in-law Caleb Braaten-Lee to buy it, and that guy is also pretty bad. Other previous tenants had issues with him too. I hope no one else has to go through this experience.