David Brisebois

San Diego, CA

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He seemed really great and laidback at f...
He seemed really great and laidback at first but then would often text me about things he saw or send me pictures of things he wanted fixed, indicating that he was coming over unannounced and roaming around the property. The tenant before us indicated she saw him outside the window while she was taking a shower. It made me feel like I was being watched. Then a contractor he hired (a friend of his) hit on me while he was there for work and proceeded to text me asking for dates (I was totally creeped out that he'd come back at any time). The contract stated maintaining landscaping which we assumed was watering/weeding/light maintenance. He required us to get the trees on the property trimmed at our expense. The unit also had hardwood floors and didn't provide any requirements how to care for them so I cleaned them with Bona hardwood cleaner (a highly rated product). Upon moveout he said that the floor cleaner we used left a buildup and he needed to sand and refinish the entire house and we had to pay for it. We replaced the stove top that we cracked, all window blinds, window screens, painted, professionally cleaned, and trimmed the trees and he still kept our $1750 deposit and wanted $1200 more. It wasn't until I said we would be getting a lawyer that he finally backed off. Stay away from this thief. He relies on intimidation and harassment to get his way