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Glens Falls, NY

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We rented here for 14 months. Dan chose ...
We rented here for 14 months. Dan chose not to renew our lease for whatever reason (we always paid rent, so the only reason I can think of is that he was EXTREMELY displeased when he came unannounced one time and saw that we were fostering a cat). The fridge had missing slats making it impossible to use most of the door. The floor was torn up and nasty, the carpets clearly have not been replaced in many years. The electrical is all on one breaker making it impossible to run too many things simultaneously (for example, cannot someone cannot vacuum while someone else is drying hair). The windows have no screens. Two different outlets blew while we were living here, he blamed this on us using an AC (literally the least powerful window unit made) and our microwave (just a typical smaller size microwave). He screamed at us because when he came to fix the outlets our apartment was messy (nothing *****, just a lot of stuff in our spare room, and our laundry wasn’t put away). Also, we found out by googling Dan that him and his wife managed to successfully steal $144,000 from DSS before getting caught, by claiming she was renting from him when she actually was living with him (they weren’t married yet then). Dan “plays favorites” with his tenants, and we were NOT his favorites. I don’t play that way — I work 50+ hours a week, I just want to come home and relax and be able to do so without outlets blowing and not being able to open windows.