Clifford Wong, Bernice Wong

444 Warren Dr, San Francisco, CA, 94131

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Nothing but problems, false promises, an...
Nothing but problems, false promises, and broken laws. 1) Nathan M. was coordinating our move-in. His communication skills were pretty bad. He failed to give us a mailbox key for a whole week, and when we finally did get the keys, they would get stuck in the mailbox. I complained but they just shoulder shrugged. 2) And on top of that he informed our neighbors that we didn't have a car which led to them parking in our spot for months with no help from KeyOpp. He also couldn't tell us our storage room number. 3) When we first moved in there was no hot water and it took them several days to finally fix it. 4) If I put in a maintenance request, they would just ignore it for months, not coming to fix the problem. At one point I was calling every week and they would falsely promise "soon." One time they called me a few months after I submitted a maintenance request to ask if it had been fixed when they should know full well that they didn't. 4) They come by to do "safety inspections" randomly, without you there, with a mere 24-hour notice. It felt like they were violating our privacy. Anna P. came by and took pictures without our permission, and was definitely there looking at more that fire alarms and faucet leaks. 5) My upstairs neighbor threatened to "punch" our "face in," yelled homophobic profanities, would block the staircase preventing us from walking up, and spat at our door. When I informed KeyOpp, all they cared about was an unauthorized appliance in my apartment and refused to address the issue or even really listen to what had happened, perseverating on me. I found out after his initial outburst that he had been harassing our neighbors for many months and KeyOpp just brushed them all off. 6) They broke the law in demanding me to give a 60-day notice to move out, when California law states only a 30-day notice is required. When I informed Cherrylane D. of this, she just continued reading from her script, towing the party line and refusing to help. Only when I got a lawyer involved did they finally back down. They still haven't admitted any wrongdoing. 7) The apartment itself is so old with many upgrades needed. 8) Good luck trying to schedule anything with them. They don't care if you have to work or what your schedule is, they won't budge. They have never been accommodating the whole time, with the whole staff adversarial at times. 9) Also good luck trying to contact them on the phone after you sign the lease. The only line always staffed is the prospective tenants and owners. For maintenance or general questions, the line is always busy. Tl;dr: Don't trust them. If you don't have a choice but to go with them, then know your rights and get a lawyer.