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The house I rent was recently sold to on...
The house I rent was recently sold to one of several similarly named entities, C.M.-LAND27, L.L.C. a.k.a. Chris Mcgehee & Sandy Lee. Neither of the parties listed mailed or delivered any correspondence to this effect but instead texted me to tell me where to send the rent without providing any proof of ownership. During the previous 2½ years at this residence under the former owner, rent was paid in full before the 1st of each month directly into the landlords bank account. Sandy Lee, claiming to be an agent for the new landlord, told me to mail a check to a P.O. Box and make it out to FL REALTY, which is about as vague as FL RESTAURANT. After mailing the check, I was informed that they did not receive it and they immediately sued me for possession. During our court appearance yesterday, I learned that they did receive the check as they had both the check and the envelope it came in postmarked Sep 30, 2018. This scheme by the landlord is a repeating and frequent pattern and can be easily viewed on various state and county government websites which show them systematically evicting any tenant that occupies any property they buy and all in the same fashion. It all starts with a fraudulent business name and an unlicensed agent instructing the tenant to send the rent to their p.o. box and after a few days, they'll let you know in no uncertain terms that they didn't get it and you now have 30 days to vacate. Look up case number 18-008891-CO at for details and to view my emergency motion to stay writ of possession.