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Horrible, no customer service, no experi...
Horrible, no customer service, no experience in fair housing, no idea how to de-escalate their own maintenance problems.
Lying, cheating, greedy....
Lying, cheating, greedy.
Somerset Apartments This is the review I...
Somerset Apartments This is the review I left on google. And how much do you want to bet Michelle will comment. NEVER IN MY LIFE HAVE I HAD SUCH A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!!! The office manager gossips about tenants to OTHER TENANTS! She (her name is Michelle) told me alllll about the lady above me and her sexcapades on her balcony. I assumed she was trying to gossip and make nice, so I nodded my head in disbelief. However, tonight I had to call the cops on the (same balcony ***** lady) for a noise complaint. Before I had called the cops the (balcony *****) lady says “you’re the f*cking crazy one, you don’t allow men into your apartment!!!” 1. I never called her crazy, I just told her to keep the yelling down so my son (5) could sleep for school. 2. I told Michelle (office manager) that I didn’t want maintenance in the apartment unless she or my husband were there because I was r*ped. If you’re still following, Michelle told this lady about my r*pe!!!!! I don’t share this! The only reason why I am now is because I’m in such shock!!!!! Well, come to find out the lady above me was on some heavy meds (she’s f*cking drugged out) and the cops were amazed and told me “thank god you’re moving out in two days” To discuss something so personal to another tenant is absolutely disgusting!!!! I know she (Michelle) saw the look on my face when we first moved in and I told her about this... despicable. DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS PLACE!!!!!! They also have black mold in the storage unit that they try to cover up... don’t worry, you’ll smell it.
Black Mold Rained into apartment buildi...
Black Mold Rained into apartment building 3rd floor and down to second floor apartments and hallways affected.Eceryone moved except daughterlow income.No maintenance no refund compensations.unforced entries when gone.When sleeping by someone with keys are theifs