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Land lord is an idiot
Great Landlord I have rented an apartment from Carol Mckelvy for three years. I’m moving from Long Beach, and I want everyone to know how much I enjoyed my stay. Renting from her was one of the smartest decisions I ever made. If something broke, she repaired it right away, and there was no cutting corners on maintenance. She is good-natured, follows through on what she says, and treats her tenants with respect. Everyone should have such an awesome landlord (or is it landlady).
Carol never answered emails and would typically take more than a week to respond to maintenance issues by phone, oftentimes never responding. Normal wear and tear was completely miscategorized as "beyond repair." She lowballed the maintenance workers so we were typically stuck for 2-3 days of workers running up their hourly for what should-have-been minor repairs. The shower routinely scalded us and the issue was never addressed. She charged us for complete carpet replacement even though that is very standard in apartment turnover. She would only meet prospective renters during the day to hide the fact parking was nonexistent. Extremely unprofessional, renters beware.
Doesn't care about renters need and not to concerned about the problems with building that need to be fixed. Heater was broke and she told me to call the city and made it my problem to get fixed. I left the unit cleaner then when I moved in and she still kept $500 dollars of my deposit. Lied and Said I changes the locks when she misplaced the key. She charged me to have the place rekeyed bc she had me lock my copy in apartment prior to moving out. She's just a real crook and I would really think about what you are getting yourself into with this headache of a person. All in all the worst experience ive ever had. I never leave reviews, I just hope no one else has to deal with her. Good look and look out for this TOOL.
Carol McKelvy has been the best landlord I have ever had, and I know the difference between a good landlord and a bad one. I’ve had plenty of the bad ones. I called her once about a pest problem, and she took care of it right away. My apartment has always been well maintained, and I really enjoy living here. I feel fortunate to have her as a landlord.
Completely non-responsive and unflexible. She is so flakey/flighty. SHE wrote her OWN address wrong on our lease, so when we mailed in our rent check it obviously didn't get to her so she charged us a late fee, despite admitting she had written her OWN address wrong! She said we should've figured it out. Plus, there are rats in the walls that she also said is my problem. I cannot WAIT to get out of here.