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Baton Rouge, LA

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Carol Green is the absolute worst landlo...
Carol Green is the absolute worst landlord in the Baton Rouge area. Do not ever rent from her. She is very cheap and greedy. She came to the property announced a couple of times and would snoop around. The property was disgusting when we moved in, she clearly hired the cheapest cleaning lady she could find. The counter tops and were wiped and vacuumed was about it, we had to get our own cleaning crew and deducted from the first month of rent as agreed by her (then she took this out of deposit). The walls had not been painted and there were still nail holes and other holes/stains from the previous tenant. The lawn was not mowed once per month as described by the lease. She also took the repair bills of a broken garbage disposal and broken toilet (they were broken when we moved in) out of the deposit. We had a dog (a registered emotional support animal due to documented medical conditions), she demanded a big pet deposit (which is illegal) and she deducted cleaning the carpet due to pet out of the deposit. When I tried to contact her regarding the deductions in the deposit, she has completely ignored me. I've gotten no texts, no calls back. She will be hearing from my lawyer. Save yourself the trouble and find somewhere else.