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Chesapeake, VA

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What an absolute nightmare renting from ...
What an absolute nightmare renting from Brian Harden. I leased the home while still stationed in California while my husband was deployed. I didn't know the state of the home until traveling across the country and was disappointed in the condition. There was a long list of things that needed to be addressed including water leaking into the light fixtures in the kitchen only a couple days after moving in. Brian and his wife were extremely rude when asked to resolve pre existing issues with the home. Holes in the screens, broken dishwasher, broken fridge, wasps nests all around the outside of the home..the list goes on. They made living in the home a nightmare the entire length of the lease while my husband was deployed for most of the time. My husband spent an entire month moving us out since we bought a house and moved out early. He spent hours cleaning and making sure the place looked even BETTER than when we had moved in because we knew Brian would try to keep our entire deposit. I couldn't believe he kept the entire deposit and asked for an additional $15. He charged us LABOR for replacing a missing door stopper. He charged us for issues that we had on move in and we never did a move in check list and walk through. My husband accidentally took curtains that were in the living room that were Brian's because he thought they were ours. When my husband realized his mistake he asked Brian when a good time would be to bring them back and never heard from him. He charged us $300 for replacement curtains! Brian is a con artist and shouldn't be allowed to rent to anyone especially service members.