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Work orders took months to be completed,...
Work orders took months to be completed, often closed and never repaired or looked at. Both complex and gate doors were fitted with manual locks, which were pointless, as tenants are not going to take the time to manually turn a lock on a door, which then had to be turned to unlock - more of a fire hazard in the event that you were trying to evacuate and the door was actually locked. Windows did not open; the windows were nailed or screwed shut (from the outside) which I assume was the landlords idea of security, or killing off tenants in the event of fire or emergency. Of the 9 windows in the unit and only 1 opened - but didn't have a screen, so hopefully you do not have any pets, or expect stay there after a hurricane comes through. Which brings another point, the windows in the stairwells are so old they don't even close, and the building management does not supply any shielding during projected hurricanes. General areas and stairwells started off being cleaned on a bi weekly basis, but as time passed it may have happened 2 or 3 times a year, literally mold growing on the stairs. No pest prevention, meaning roaches and mice, rats throughout the building. The building was sinking during my lease years, and nothing was done about it. You could roll a marble from the front of the building and it would roll all the way to the back. Walls between apartments crumbling and never repaired. Floor boards rotting and water damage in every unit bathroom. All in all the management went from average to absolute non-existent with the exception of collecting rent, which is business, but at what cost to the tenant?