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Boulder, CO

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Upon moving in, the bathroom began leaki...
Upon moving in, the bathroom began leaking from the ceiling. He also claimed we had two assigned parking spots, but we did not. The parking was and still is not assigned in the uncovered lot. One spot he told us was ours, belonged to our neighbor (covered spot). We woke up one morning to find our neighbor blocking us in "to prove a point" rather than just act like an adult and let us know we parked in his spot. On top of this, another neighbor decided he owned an uncovered spot. For weeks, he left passive aggressive notes on our cars with no contact information. This went on until we went out to see our tire slashed. We called the property manager and was told we could not "store" our car in a spot. Working from home meant our car was there a lot. We were not storing a car. We called the police to file a report and have him witness that there was actually a slash in the tire. When this happened, our neighbor came out and moved his white SUV into the spot our car was in (we moved it so the police could work in a covered spot out of the sun). I figured out who the tire slasher was and got him to confess and pay for the damage. We managed to get out of our lease by having new people sign for it, and moved out a few weeks later. Overall, there was a parking war happening there. The spots still haven't been assigned or numbers as promised when we were there for a few months in 2014. The tire slashing neighbor with the white SUV still lives there. On top of this, we had to deal with the train coming by at 2am and honking and Foothills traffic making noise 24/7.