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I don't know what is up with the landlor...
I don't know what is up with the landlord and people working over there. They just want your money and threaten with this and that. Living over there, constantly being worried with what they might next threaten you with is not worth anything. The tone, just the tone alone, responding to a regular customer is condescending and extremely rude. No Humanity. I truly feel sorry and feel pity for them. I don't know what they had learnt in life so that their voices doesn't come across as un-marketable. It is truly a shame. My place is okay, not bad, but not good either. The worst thing is living under a landlord as such truly sucks the life out of you. Really bad vibes. Please don't stress over it. Pay a little more, or choose closer to campus. It will be so worth it.
I don't understand the negative reviews ...
I don't understand the negative reviews on this site about Blackstone. I've lived here since August, and I have not had a bad experience yet. Upon move in, there were a few things that needed to be repaired, but they were done within a day of being on my tenant portal. As long as you pay rent on time and are an overall good tenant, management does not interfere with your daily life. This has been a better place to live in the short few months here than all of my first 3 years on campus and with MK.
I lived at the Greenery last year and ju...
I lived at the Greenery last year and just renewed for next year. I lived at a different place my sophomore year and I am so happy I switched. After seeing what my friends' apartments look like, my choice to stay for my final year was a no brainer
I normally never post but this place was...
I normally never post but this place was horrendous. Moving in was an absolute horror story. They did not clean ANYTHING we had flies and ants infesting the whole unit. In every corner of the apartment were ants. The floors had dirt on them, the bathrooms were uncleaned, the kitchen was disgusting. The roof was leaking and falling apart. After expressing our frustrations and concerned they took 2 weeks to do anything about it. 3 months later when fall came around, the walls and ceiling started to leak and they took 10 days before they came! For the weather to drop down to 30 degrees without heat is not a humane living condition for anyone. When confronted they did absolutely nothing to console us or work with us. Probably the worst people ever, they lied about having the unit cleaned prior to moving in. Their maintenance portal is for show because they dont actually resolve anything they just say they do. Shannon, and Jaclyn were the absolute worst to deal with because they were non-responsive and were rude when we showed our frustration. Lack of professionalism and respect.
Very cleanly apartment. But building bui...
Very cleanly apartment. But building built extremely weird. My closet isn’t deep enough for a hanger and we have many cabinets that cannot open all the way. Many things were broken on move in and walls have not been painted in years. Landlord is the owners daughter so she is extremely condescending and rude. On multiple occasions she has said this property is not her priority .
Just moved to Blackstone and it is alrea...
Just moved to Blackstone and it is already a better experience than my apartment. I always see the cleaning ladies around the building and my friends have all loved the building when they visit. For living in North Philly, I feel much more safe in this building than I ever have in my last.
I live at 1946 N Gratz Street. When I mo...
I live at 1946 N Gratz Street. When I move in, it’s like nobody cleaned the roomed, except for the furniture removed. The last tenant left some trash in the closet. The curtains are stained with coffee. The counter tops are unfixed, as specifically told this problem before moving in. They’re peeling and falling apart. There are ***** hairs all over the place. The stove, sink and over are all stained, rusty and needs a replacement. The bathroom was cleaned, but it smells like stale and disgusting. Worst landlord ever. Told them to repaint, fix or maintain the walls but the apartment was just left like that after the last tenant moved out. I gave them a call and just told me to request it online. It’s been 2 days now and I still haven’t heard from them yet. I also messaged Jaclyn Dooling about this and haven’t heard from her yet. There is no respect for the tenants here.
I never do reviews but Blackstone needs ...
I never do reviews but Blackstone needs to be called out... THE ABSOLUTE WORST! The apartments looks nice but the walls and floors are sooo thin. It's like your sharing an apartment with everyone around you. Also, bugs and mice have been seen in the buildings. The icing on the cake is how horrible management is. They are nice BEFORE you become a tenant. But they really don't care about the tenants and are so rude! Don't be fooled by the nice apartments and how fake nice they are in the beginning.
good housing for my son. This seems lik...
good housing for my son. This seems like the safest option for the area, and campus security is posted on their corner. easy online payments as well. Would recommend.
AVOID AT ALL COST!!!! If you are wonderi...
AVOID AT ALL COST!!!! If you are wondering why there aren't more bad reviews it is because they sneak a line into the lease threatening to fine you if you speak poorly of them. I can't say enough terrible things. My internet wasn't working for a month and they just about refused to fix it claiming the issue had been solved when no one had been out to even look for the problem. They thrive on taking advantage of young college students. When my uncle offered to help by following up with a phone call to the office they threaten legal action against him. Claiming he was "harassing" the female employee when he demanded a repair man be sent out. They will use any excuse and lie to save money by avoiding fixing/repairing. They are friendly as can be when showing you the apartments but everything changes when something breaks. These apartments aren't cheap either ($1,000 a month for a studio in North Philly) Do yourself a favor and rent with a different management company. If you are looking in the North Philly area near Temple I suggest MK Management.