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Best City Homes, Inc.

Philadelphia, PA

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Apartment was clean and modern. Aaron was very responsive to requests, although I only had one tiny repair. The move out check list was very helpful. I knew what I needed to do to get my security back—leave the apartment the same way I found it.


WARNING: DO NOT RENT FROM THIS MANAGEMENT COMPANY!!!! Rick Moore will literally steal your money when you vacate the property. He is a THEIF, SHEISTER, a LOW LIFE CRIMINAL. He will take advantage of his position and fabricate reasons to deduct phantom charges from your security deposit


Worst landlord ever! They refused to return $190 from my security deposit for moping the floors ($40) and painting a wall ($150). I lived in the apartment for 1 year, it was clean and recently renovated junior 1 bedroom apartment. When I received the cleaning checklist it looked like I had to hire a cleaning company if I wanted my deposit back. I was told not to worry about it and that as long as it was cleaned up and I didn't have animal feces on the floor I would get my money back. The list included points such as vacuum window sills, wash insides and outsides of all windows, clean floor under stove and refrigerator, steam clean carpeting, sanitize dishwasher, dust off tops of doors and trim about windows. The list totaled 26 bullet points. Painting and cleaning of the walls was not on the list however, I got charged for it. Aaron told me that the staining on the wall that you can see in the picture (yes, to the right of the bedroom window) was considered too extensive for a 1 year lease. In the pictures you can see the sunlight reflected in the wet floors because the picture was taken right after I moped them. In my opinion these guys are looking to rip off people by keeping their security deposits no matter how much time you invested into cleaning the apartment. DO NOT rent with them or plan on NOT getting your security deposit back.


Overall I had a somewhat neutral to slightly negative experience. The biggest negatives were: their lack of communication - I had roommates and we repeatedly had to tell them they needed to email all of us for maintenance and other reasons to enter the apartment. (Our busy school/work schedules meant we would regularly go a few days without talking to one another). They even sent people to view our house without warninging us and then never bothered to show up. Additionally, some maintenance was never performed to a satisfactory degree. We had issues with leaking and they came out 2-3x to try and fix it but failed to ever solve the issue. By the time we left the paint was flaking off of the ceiling due to the leak - in fairness, however, the leak was in my roommate's room and I don't know that they were very persistent in contacting BCH to fix the issue. Finally and most notably, the few times we had to call for maintenance for clogged plumbing, etc. their prices were astronomical. We had to contact them to fix a clogged sink and they charged us over $200 to snake it. My final complaint would just be that it was clear the architect and/or contractors they used on the building were shoddy. Our apartment was less than 5 years old when we moved in, yet there were leaks from the skylight not being sealed properly and the AC collecting condensation instead of draining it. Additionally, corners were cut for no apparent reason and there was a clear lack of forethought in a lot of the design choices - for example, the tops of all the doors were unsanded and unpainted making them impossible to clean, the 2nd floor bath was made with poured concrete that was not only a huge pain to clean but quickly started cracking under its own weight, and they only used 2 thermostats on a 4 floor apartment leaving two floors perpetually hotter/colder than they should be because the thermostats weren't monitoring their temperature. The few positive notes I can give are that they were always responsive when we contacted them, and they didn't increase our rent significantly while we were there.


Also, they will have you fill out a page for damages/repairs upon move-in and then will charge you when you for previous tenant damage upon move-out. And, they will charge you for a non-existent carbon-monoxide detector .SHADY, SHADY, SHADY business.