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Best Bsu Rentals

Muncie, IN

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We signed with BestBSUrentals as sophomores because we lived with another company and it was not so good. We have had a great relationship with Kate, and they always take care of maintenance issues immediately. Put in a really cool sink with drawers in our bathroom last year when we had a issue that was a huge upgrade! They also gave us something for Christmas! If you want a good experience where you can stay for two or more years, BestBSUrentals will take care of you.


We found BestBSUrentals as freshman, and so glad we did! We love our house and location, and BestBSUrentals is great. They always send maintenance when we put in a request, and last year put us in a hotel when our heat went out. New furnace, no problem, they replaced it. We highly recommend!


This guys are just scammers, . When we arrive, the house was not cleaned and we have to spend the night at hotel. they never share or reimbursed our cost. The house stinks like hell. We have clogged toilets 3..4 times in a month since we moved in. They are giving you abounded house. I don't know how they are allowed to do business.


Raccoon broke in to my apartment February. Landlord advised I find somewhere else to stay until the raccoon was gone. This resulted in me living out of my car for 2 weeks. Landlord would say she’d call me back and I wouldn’t hear from her for days, finally the pest control person contacted me. Moved out in July, 3 months later receive a bill for $250 for cleaning fees. Currently attempting to dispute the charges, but no responses for 2 months.


Absolutely horrible experience. House was not turned/restored upon move-in, then charges at move out reflected previous tenant damages. Every simple confrontation we were screamed at unprofessionally. Showed up unannounced thinking a bunch of college kids wouldn't stand up for themselves. All appliances (even the house itself) were old, outdated, or broken. Mold/sewage smell every single day we lived there never got resolved. Not enough characters allowed to describe this awful experience.


We love our house and all of its character. Nobody takes care of older houses and makes them cute to stay in, Roommates and I love our house, staying again this year. Had one issue with our water heater and they fixed it the same day.


Most of these reviews are most likely from the company themselves or were coerced by withholding deposit & refusing to take off late fees unless the tenant was to leave a positive review. Showed up to the house unannounced & had an issue with us having a guest over (even though there is absolutely no guest policy in the lease).



All these good reviews are fake and most likely written by the company. Don’t believe them and don’t rent with them. Shady business with unsafe broken down houses. It’s practically a scam.


We found BestBSUrentals when we were Freshman, and lived in our house all three years until we just graduated. We wouldn’t have stayed if the company wasn’t fantastic! In fact, we referred several of our friends because we loved Kate and the maintenance man! We made cookies for him! Kate gave us Christmas presents every year, and brought us donuts one time when we were so busy with rush. She ALWAYS gave us 24 notice before she came, and if we had a maintenance issue it was taken care of quickly! Last year our washer had an issue right when school started. They had a new washer delivered within 24-48 hours. Not only will we miss our house, but we will miss Kate and Carl. I would recommend renting from them if you want to have a great experience!