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Beata Wakulinska

Forest Park, IL

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The landlord insisted on using this one guy to do repairs because he was so cheap. The oven wasn't working when I moved in. The handyman came buy got the number for the oven and ordered the part. He then went out of town for 19 days. The landlord refused to work with anyone else. Needless to say this increased my food expenses for that month. I get a sad story and excuse every time I request to have something repaired. I moved in October 19. The locks still have not been changed from the previous tenants. Reasons given: previous tenants didn't pay rent so she doesn't have the money (Only $20) The same handyman changed the bathroom vanity but forgot to put the hardware on to connect the pipe to the plumbing. The water ran/poured for two days before I caught it. This landlord cries about having a poor history with previous tenants. I see why.