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Binghamton , NY

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Me and my group of 10 people loved renting from bearcats housing, we didn't have issues with them not answering or coming if we put in a maintenance, they were respectful and helped us with our situations since there was 10 of us. I would recommend bearcats housing to any and all students that want to get off campus, It was nice to live in a house and not the dorms! Much more space and more comfortable for our needs and wants!


The application was fast and easy the communication with the landlord was good she was very helpful and besides a few snags here and there it was an overall great experience


I still haven’t received my security deposit, not sure if I ever will. Bad wifi. The phone # didn’t work, it went to voicemail and mailbox was ALWAYS full. Showed up unannounced once, that I know of. 0/10


The only reason I am not renewing the lease is because my daughter has graduated and no longer needs property in the Binghamton area. Overall the rental property was an excellent experience the house was very safe and the character of the house was beautiful everything was renovated inside fresh and new!


The landlord was courteous and explained everything to me. There has been no issues since I have moved in. The landlord is just a call away whenever we call. I am pleased with my experience of dealing with the landlord and would continue living here. Overall, a good experience and I would certainly recommend to my colleagues.


My daughter has lived here for 3 months. Her locks were not working upon moving in, maintenance STILL has not fixed that problem. Now her refrigerator has not been working for 3 WEEKS and she is on a 10 day WAITING list to have the appliance fixed. the manager is a bald face liar!!! Sweet and kind when you are seeing the apartment before signing the lease and then she's an unreachable, screaming, nasty, inappropriate witch after she has your money!! DO NOT RENT FROM THESE HORRIBLE PEOPLE


Bearcat housing was very accommodating when we wanted to switch some details in our living arrangements.


Bearcat housing was very easy to work with and offered multiple leases at low prices.


Super helpful group. Loved my experience with Bearcat housing. The house was nice and landlords were very understanding, Would recommend to anyone in the Binghamton area,


Dont do it dont do it