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While the apartment itself is fine and d...
While the apartment itself is fine and definitely worth what we paid, each experience with our landlord was negative. From the first time we had guests, we got a call at our office accusing us of peeing in the hallway and ripping down wallpaper. When asked if there was proof of this ridiculousness, they said they had none. We got a call one day later saying it was a mistake. We got yelled at for calling the super outside of his hours (which were never publicly posted). The apartment does have roof access, with no sign saying you cannot use it and no terms in the lease agreement. Once we went up and within 10 minutes the interiem super asked us to come down. We agreed and were super apologetic. The next day we got a call yelling at us again! The lease renewal process was a nightmare. Our lease was up in June, but in July we were asked to decide if we would renew. We asked if there was any wiggle room on the price (which had increased by $125) and they said there was not, which we were fine with. When we called to ask about the process, the landlord was rude AGAIN. Normally in New York, you decide to renew your lease a month before, not six. Here they made you decide 30 days within getting the notice. We may decide to move just to get away from the landlord.