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While living at U Club Binghamton, it wa...
While living at U Club Binghamton, it was generally a positive experience. Work orders were filled quickly, it was easy to get a hold of someone if you had any kind of issue, it was easy to pay the bill online, the layout of the apartment was perfect, and additional amenities like study rooms, computer labs, and the gym were also recently built. There were already tenants living in the apartment when my friend and I moved in, so there was already some natural wear and tear on kitchen appliances and floors when we moved in. It appeared that my bedroom had not been cleaned since the last person moved out, but I thought that could be normal, so I cleaned it myself. However, my friend found dozens of dead flies in her room, around the window and on the floor. It had obviously not been cleaned. It is no exaggeration that we left the apartment cleaner than we had found it. However, each resident was charged a "***** Kitchen" fee after move-out. I emailed Kasandra Sotak, inquiring about this charge. She responded with pictures of the stove burners, which were rusted, but not *****. I had scrubbed them countless times, but it was impossible to make them any cleaner. Also, she sent a picture of a paint splatter that had always been there. In fact, there were many paint splatters all over the kitchen floor, I'm assuming from painters who were hired by U Club originally. I did not think to put this on the Unit Condition Form because I figured it had been there since the apartment was built. Silly me (side note: write EVERYTHING on the Unit Condition Form). There was also a leak in the living room window that constantly produced gross, brown stains. We sent in a work order for this, someone came in to check it out, but the leak and stains persisted. It was frustrating to be charged for these things that could not be fixed, and there were no apologies or understanding given by Kasandra Sotak. She expects that every tenant leaves the apartment pristine to an unclear standard, which apparently could only be known by physically bringing an employee into your apartment to check every detail, and replacing stove burners yourself. It was especially frustrating that the condition of the apartment was worse when I moved in than it was when I moved out, so I was not expecting to be charged with anything. I just wanted to outline this as a warning to potential renters: before you move out, seriously scrub every little thing, everywhere. Literally, do not leave a spot of any kind. And if you do, report it to someone. Report absolutely everything when you move in, as well, on the Unit Condition Form. Even things you don't think are a big deal, like a tiny dent in the wall or scratch on the door. Because you will very well receive a fine for it after you move out if you do not write it down initially or take pictures. It seems like they want to charge everyone for at least one thing when they move out, and I would not be surprised if the ***** kitchen charge is routine. I'm sure they're using ex-residents to pay for as much as possible, even though general wear and tear of an apartment is to be expected and should not be the fault of a resident. The pictures included are a couple of examples of what Sotak sent to me as proof of a ***** kitchen, the first a rusted burner and the second a permanent paint spot on the floor, which had been there before any of us moved in. So if anything in your apartment looks like this when you move in, take note of it. I've also included the form that lists the cleaning and damage charges, as a heads up before you sign a lease, because these weren't shown to me before I signed a lease.