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New York, NY

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Constant smell of ***** and cigarette s...
Constant smell of ***** and cigarette smoke into our apartment, no hot water in shower and obnoxious loud music from club below until 4am most weeknights. Al, unresponsive landlord, negligent to our concerns. I came home in shock - my ceiling caved due to severe water damage. Had $3,000 in damages to my electronics and personal belongings. Broke lease, landlord demanded to keep security. Al didn't come see damages until we moved out. Worst living situation. Came home stressed, annoyed, and frustrated out of lack of help we received. Throughout our time in this awful apartment the landlord, Al was aloof, hard to reach, and not concerned with our living situation troubles. He is the textbook definition of a slumlord. He was a nightmare to work with throughout our struggles and I would not recommend renting from him in any capacity. I urge you not to fall into the same trap we did and to stay far away from 131 Avenue C, Camhi NYC Realty and Avenue C Partners LLC.