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Cleveland, OH

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Horrible landlord. Adam cares more about...
Horrible landlord. Adam cares more about the numbers and lining his pockets than about affordable housing for students. I understand that he is running a business but both are possible. Rates go up each year, his wife calls saying they never received payments and when you prove her wrong the missed payments just disappear all of a sudden, they put you to work whenever they can, never reply to calls or texts or email unless its life-threatening (roof broke and took them longer than 24 to come)
DO NOT LIVE HERE. The only reason we did...
DO NOT LIVE HERE. The only reason we did was because of it's super convenient location to Case's campus and because we inherited it from prior tenants. The building is really worn down and will just continue being so with its student ghetto status. We've always had issues with the poor insulation/lack of heat in the home as well as plumbing which clogs easily. Maintenance is slow to happen. Our pipes had burst and we were living with brown sludge for awhile before they sent anyone over. We'd warned many times about the ceiling looking bad and they didn't fix it until months later. Same thing with rodents. Rent is expensive for the area and the landlord is slow to respond and rather sketchy ("out of town" a lot) and forgetful. He's violated our lease by not giving us at least 24 hours notice on numerous occasions when he's entering the house/showing it around. The neighborhood is OK. It's patrolled by CWRU, UC, and Cleveland Police. Even so, we had a mugging right outside the home once and random people have loitered around the outside of the home.