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They charged me $111 because the City di...
They charged me $111 because the City did not take the trash due to a snow storm and 4 ft of snow. They charged me $30 for a light blub. They charged me to take an empty box out of the home. Please think about renting from people who charge so much for move out fees. The only way they learn is if you dont rent from them. Then they are forced to change.
This company has been a nightmare to dea...
This company has been a nightmare to deal with from the beginning. Took over a month to process our applications just so we could move in on time. Then the first month we were charged a fee for not switching our utilities over when we moved in even though utilities WERE switched to our name the day we moved in and we have payed our utilities on time every month. We tried to dispute this charge and we sent in proof that we had been paying and the fee got removed. Then next month rolls around and the fee is back up, PLUS a $50 late charge. Again tried to dispute and were told no fees would be removed, and if we didn't pay in two days they would start eviction process. On top of that ANOTHER NSF fee was assessed to us because they claimed that we had an invalid account number, even though it is the same account number used to pay all previous months which worked fine. Needless to say I am extremely upset that I have had to pay at least $100 extra every month in fees, and have had absolutely no willingness from this company to work with me or try to resolve issues.