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The door people and maintenance staff ar...
The door people and maintenance staff are great. The rent increases
I lived in this building for a few years...
I lived in this building for a few years. My rent was always on time and I'm quiet, clean and friendly without being nosy. The woman that runs it inherited it from her dad, who does all the real work. She basically hangs out a lot in the courtyard, maybe skims the pool, but otherwise just shows up to act like she's doing something or to break up her day. I don't think she's ever really had a "real" job. As such, she's a bit out of touch with reality and has become insensitive and greedy. When I finally had to leave for a job elsewhere, I had to break the lease. Even though she had people lined up to take my unit, she still dinged me for the contract breach, which was about $900. Ok, that's fine, because it was technically in the lease although somewhat immoral. But the real issue was that she wanted to start demolishing the bathroom for renovations before I had even moved out, so I was still technically paying rent. That is not ok, you can't have it both ways. Also, the guy below me worked from home and was super sensitive to any noise at all. More than once he yelled through the walls that he was going to ***** me, and these days, you can't ignore those threats. The landlords' response? "Call the police". Instead of say, talking to the guy or threatening to evict him. On the day I moved out, I had to make a little noise because... I was moving furniture out. He threatened to ***** me once more. I asked the landlord if she would please explain the situation to him via text or a phone call, but she ignored my request. Again she just told me to call the police, because we all know that would have diffused the situation. The fact of the matter is that she just didn't want to deal with a bad tenant, instead putting the burden on the police and taxpayer money. In the end, the landlord dinged me for another $150 because she claimed I hadn't returned all keys to her (I did, by US mail) and the fact that there were a couple smaller holes in the wall from a shelf. Last time I checked, a little spackle and paint doesn't cost $80. I would have even done it myself knowing that she would charge me, because I told her about the holes ahead of time and she didn't mention anything. It's a shame when greed and laziness get the better of people.
Place is better ...
Place is better