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Apartment disgusting when first moved in...
Apartment disgusting when first moved in, said it would be cleaned and wasn't. Basement/house has centipedes. Broken washer. Responds to every issue with "it will be taken care of as soon as possible" and will get no response for weeks, broken appliances, water damage, ceiling leaking and now has tiles missing. Glass FELL OUT OF LIVINGROOM WINDOW FRAME and did not fix, took weeks to show up at the house to even repair it. Complained about ancient refrigerator and they replaced it, but the old one has sat on the side patio for months. HAVEN'T RECEIVED SECURITY DEPOSIT. WILL NOT RESPOND TO EMAILS, CALLS, OR TEXTS.
"Dave" is a fake name. Landlord and son ...
"Dave" is a fake name. Landlord and son Pierre are awful people and do not deserve to own property anywhere. They signed me to an overlapping lease and kept me out of my apartment for a whole month and didnt ever give me money back. Shady AF