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Literally the most compulsive liar I’ve ...
Literally the most compulsive liar I’ve ever met. Find a different house the cheap rent is not worth the things you’ll have to put up with. Nothing was fixed properly and not a single part of the house was put together the right way. The cheapest oven/washer/dryer/paint/ lighting/ carpet that can be put in a house all rolled into one. Absolutely no extra company or even radio to be played because he has young kids, but they can scream all day long. Again, find a new house.
They biggest problem with us was that he...
They biggest problem with us was that he would never give us a straight answer always saying that we will take care of it later and then never responding to our texts and calls. We struggled getting our rental returns as well, he was very hesitant with giving us them and straight up refused to give them to anyone who is still claimed by their parents. Then he put false information on the text returns and insisted that there was no need that he correct them or list the actual income he gains or the people that live there. All in all an absolute wanna be slum lord.
Everything the review before me said is ...
Everything the review before me said is true. Our lease is up in a few weeks, and even though there was no damage to my room, I know I will not be getting my security deposit back. The tenants last year didn’t get their’s back until they threatened legal action. I’ve heard that he sometimes comes over when only 1 or 2 of our female roommates are home, and yells at them about something, yet when the guy roommates are around he acts very polite. He breaks promises. Lies. Makes verbal deals and says there’s no need to put it in writing, then breaks them and says he can because they’re not in writing. Rent is reasonable, but the house is pretty much bare minimum. Very poor craftsmanship (he did it himself). We did not receive a copy of the lease until about 7 months into our rent, after asking him multiple times. A few of our roommates seriously looked into calling the IRS on him over the tax forms thing the other user mentioned. I would highly recommend against renting from Wes Hegna.
Wes was the worst landlord I've ever see...
Wes was the worst landlord I've ever seen. He didn't give us accurate tax forms. He didn't give us enough house keys and refused to fix the problem. He forced to pay internet bills he never told us were due, with threat of terminating the service. In the 8 months I've been here, we've had mice, shrews, and I don't even know how many spiders But nothing was done about it. He flaked on coming to the house when I asked him more than once. When he was showing the house to someone, He told one person and expected them to tell the remaining 8 of us; he never gave a full day's notice. Do Not rent from Wes.