Vincent Campisi

Philadelphia, PA

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I rented a 1 BR from Vincent in Bella Vista for almost 3 years. He is very choosy about who he allows to rent from him and lets you know it. While he is a very nice man, he was anal about his property. For instance, I was not allowed to leave my bike in the apartment’s (large) back yard area. Only in my apartment, or chained out front – neither of which are very convenient. Also, the man is up your @ss all the time, “checking” on things or making comments about the way you live your life, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc. He even gave me a hard time about having cable installed. He would (literally) prefer an old person who doesn’t leave the apartment, have friends, or do any activities. After 1.5 years he raised my rent by $100/month, which I felt was a bit excessive, but he was adamant that “his apartments are worth it.” Yes, they are clean and nicely kept, but not exactly modern. After almost 3 years I was tired of feeling like big brother was constantly watching over me, so I moved.