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TERRIBLE!!! do not give them a cent of your money. especially ms. peccci who gave us more issues than our money was worth, ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE!
These guys just bought our building off from someone else last year. For the first 5 or 6 months, they were horrendous to deal with. Unresponsive and disorganized. They really put it together since then. Haven’t had any issues in the last year or so.
Temple Prime Living just wants to collect money from the tenants and have very little concern for them
I know single mothers get a bad wrap. I learned that from living in one of their properties. First of all I couldn't have guests over without the police being called on me..you cant laugh past 8pm.. the only time I had guests over was my birthday and the same 2 friends a few weeks later.. landlord did nothing about the fact that you could hear every single thing including sneezing and people going to the bathroom in the next unit. So God forbid you have any friends over I mean it really is offensive to the people that live around you. There is no insulation in the walls. Anytime I said anything it went ignored. The first week I lived in there they had no hot water and I had to shower at friends houses while I'm packing it was a nightmare. They issued a parking pass to me because no one was allowed to park out front of the property without one and if they did their car would be towed so if I needed a babysitter they weren't allowed to park their car. They charged an arm and a leg for every single little thing. Tenant was responsible for trash removal which was in the lease but it wasn't explained that in the unit of four people we each had to pay $150 extra in our rent every 3 months. I've owned a home before in the same Township & I've never had to pay that much for trash removal. Not even close. My job was doing layoffs and I told my landlord 90 days ahead of time that I needed to break my lease to prepare to be laid off and not have to go in debt and go live with family. My landlord said he was okay with it. When i moved out I had the place professionally cleaned. Mind you, I only lived there for two years. My rent was 1095 my security deposit was 1095 they're nowtelling me that I owe them $500 outside of the security deposit that they took for scratches on the bedroom floor something wrong with the hinge on the bathroom door $250 for "missed lease commission" for the property management company and $1,000 for smoke remediation. I haven't smoked.. I Vape. One time they showed up after doing a fire check that I got an email because Sandy (queen biatch) Saw an ash tray and reported that I was smoking in the unit. I told them that I wasn't a smoker and I even talked to the landlord over the phone about it. I asked him to do a walk-through which he never did and there was no smoking in the apartment. When I left I paid for a professional cleaning and still got charged $1,000 "smoke remediation" just because they could. I mean you can move out of anywhere and they could just say that it smelled like smoke right? Impossible. At the end of the day landlords if they want to be horrible, can nab you for your security deposit and find any little thing they want to use it for to make improvements ..and that's what they did *but to add insult to injury* in the month of December (xmas/2kids) knowing that I'm down and out and I was a good tenant who always paid on time they wanted to charge me 500 more. I'm now retaining an attorney because the time that I had to rent in my life post divorce was the worst time of my life. Not because of Any social situation., not because of layoffs and my company downsizing but because of how I was treated during this. I was taken advantage of by this company