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Stay away from this guy! He's awful and not responsive. When moving out, he asked if we could leave some of the furniture since the new tenants were interested, and ended up charging me to have it removed. He's only in it for the money and truly doesn't care about his tenants. Renters beware!
He doesn’t respond well to complaints about the house. Does not respond to all emails. Does not send competent repairmen. House literally has pieces falling off of it that he and repairmen have seen but not fixed after over a year. The neighbors do not like him. He pretends to be friendly but then tries to shame current tenants in front of other potential future tenants while on tours. He advertised appliances as new multiple years ago. They were not. He continues to advertise appliances as new to tours. He allows college kids to give tours and enter the house and bedrooms unannounced and without knocking.
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Scoot was a great landlord while I stayed in his place. I don't know what problems people have with him. He was a great guy and responded to almost all of our problems within a week. Was super nice about everything and was willing to work with us on the price for the place. He always would give notice of when him or someone else was coming over. I would rate him 8/10 was overall a really solid guy and never gave us any problems.
You know pond scum? Yeah, that's Scott. The many has absolutely no respect for his tenants and is a total con artist. He looks like the heat miser, neglects his duties as a landlord and will lie until he’s blue in the face to save his own tail. Don’t let him fool you, the ‘Esq.’ signature behind his name doesn’t belong there as his law license was suspended but he thinks that’s not public information. Which it is. Handymen constantly came into our house unannounced, stepped on beds and furniture with their dirty shoes, many items including our oven remained broken for over a year with NUMEROUS inquiries to have them fixed, Scott made us handle any deposits and such amongst ourselves when we moved in and a group of frat bros that lived in the place before us still had keys and made it known that they could enter our house any time they wanted. Scott did nothing. Do yourself a favor and stay as far away from him as possible. He’s a total slime.
He may say he is a lawyer, but he is not. His license in suspended. Don't rent from this guy.