Samuel Trujillo

Matawan, NJ

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he is a very bad landlord, when I first come to rent the house I was charged $475 for the room, at that time I did not have a car, but after 1 week when I got myself a car, he said I want to raise the rent for parking and charge you an extra $100 dollars. Also for the laundry he said if you want to use my laundry you have to pay me another $100 dollars, and for the internet he didn't provide any internet, so I went and bought myself an internet and I was so nice to even share it with him. Beware not to through any important stuff in the garbage because he will literarily open the garbage bags just to check what's in them. he used to come when I'm not in the house and eat the food I've bought for myself. also he used to complain a lot at random times, and sometimes you might even get a text at 2:00AM and he will tell you that the rent will increase, also every now and then he will bring a new woman from a club which is very dirty, one of the woman he did brought once was throwing up everywhere and I think she have some sort of hepatitis disease. the bathroom is very dirty and he will pee on the carpet and floor, the bathroom smells like urine. he is also very loud at night he will have guest over like girls and you can hear them clearly when they are having sex. he always pretend to be nice. BUT HE IS A SCAM