Richard Chu

713 S Azusa Ave, D, Azusa, CA, 91702

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His expectations are hypocritical, where...
His expectations are hypocritical, where he will host parties without telling you for hours in the shared spaces. But on top of this, he won't like it when you want to have guests over. When you go to the shared spaces during the parties, he will make it uncomfortable by not acknowledging you in front of his friends, but instead look/glare at you while u try to get food or water. His dog is a sweet ball of energy that just wants attention, but there have been occasions where excrement has been left sitting in the living room for hours. The review says respect is 5.0, but I didn't feel respected because of the communication being one sided because he only cares about his needs and not yours. Don't rent the room unless you're planning to be out the majority of your waking hours, don't cook or eat much at home or even have guests over. The room is basically a space to sleep and store things, but nothing else.