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Brooklyn, NY

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Living in the apartment managed by Mr.Ro...
Living in the apartment managed by Mr.Roberson was the single worst experience I have ever had while living in New York. Moving into the apartment my roommate and I felt extremely lucky because everything LOOKED good. New counters, with stainless steel appliances, and he even bought an a/c for our living room since he didn't allow window units in the bedroom. This was not outlined in our lease and we did learn of it until after we had moved in. Within the first 3 weeks of living in the apartment, my roommate realized something was living in our walls. We complained about it to our landlord and he responded and would bring people over to assess the issue but nothing ever seemed to be done about it. It took about 2 months for our complaints to be taken seriously. We let him know the issue was still happening and he didn't respond to us for three days. When we finally received a response it was from our new property managers Lisa James and Anthony Morris, who were also our realtors when we got the apartment. Which made the situation seem really sketchy Immediately they were rude and treated us as though we were inconveniencing them by reporting the Squirrels and her babies that were living in the walls. They offered to fix the issue or let us out of our lease early giving our full deposit back. We didn't want to move so we offered them more time to fix the issue. They patched up the hole that the squirrel was entering from but never removed the babies. So they died in the wall and my roommate was forced to live with the odor until the corpses had completely deteriorated. After that squirrel debacle, we were just happy it was over so we could try again to enjoy our apartment. If started to cool down outside (fall was here) and it would get as low as 40/50 degrees in the fall and below 20 degrees in the winter. Unfortunately, the heat wouldn't be turned on until 11PM most nights because it would be turned on until he got home. We were forced to supplement for the heat by using space heaters that raised our Con Edison bill. We didn't complain because we just wanted to go through a period of not speaking to our property managers because it was already such a stressful situation. soon we began getting complaints of not separating our trash properly from the property managers. We were confused but we're sure it was a misunderstanding. Until we started receiving photos of out trash bags and the content inside of them. Our landlord was going outside in the dead of night to go through our garbage. He had been weird with us before but we tried to ignore it but this let us know the situation was only going to get worse. It started to feel like they really wanted us out of the unit. The final straw for us was when we found our mice had been in and out of our apartment. At this point in the saga we began speaking with our neighbor below us to see if we were the only ones having these issues. I'm glad we did because she let us know that she had been complaining about the issues and getting no response. The mouse became so comfortably in her unit that she would see him going in and out of her unit throughout the night while she was home. They kept setting up "meetings" with exterminators on how they could fix the issue but nothing came of it and it seemed to be a way of stalling to keep us quiet. We ended our lease about a month after that because the apartment became inhospitable. When dealing with these three I would be careful and think twice about everything they tell you because it very well could not be true. Just want to save you the trouble we went through. (P.s.) contacgt me directly if you wouldlike to know about our correspondence with the property managers/landlord.